About the Book

goldenstatecoverorangeDr. Julie Walker wakes on a summer morning in San Francisco to find a city in chaos. Today, Californians are voting on a controversial ballot initiative that will change history. With the future of the state and the nation uncertain, the streets have erupted into violence.

Injured, Julie must make her way across the city by foot to the Veterans Administration Hospital, where her sister, recently returned from Afghanistan, is in labor. At the hospital, a brutal scene is unfolding, as a man who shares an intimate past with Julie begins to take his revenge. Throughout the ordeal, Julie’s estranged husband, desperate for reconciliation, sends out coded messages from the radio station where he is the well-known Voice of Midnight.

Five years in the making, GOLDEN STATE is both a political thriller and a meditation on marriage, love, and loyalty. Like The Year of Fog, it is a page-turner with a philosophical bent.

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